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With great pride, I welcome you to Crayons Public School, where the building is alive with teaching and learning of entire kinds of scholastic activities, athletic events, art performances and the like.

Education remains a true transformer in preparing students for nation building. Global competency requires not only knowledge of the world, but also skills that can put that knowledge to use. Here, we endeavor to inspire and empower our students to be life long learners, critical thinkers and productive members of an ever changing global society.

Our process of education incorporates within it, the impart of the basic knowledge of India’s great culture, its lofty ideals and noble values and principles of living. Our mission is oriented for enriching and enhancing the quality of life of our students. Associated with our active school board, committed faculties, cooperative parents, energetic children, I look forward to each day with optimism and enthusiasm at Crayons, an outstanding place to work and learn.



To motivates children to become global citizen by providing a meticulous and comprehensive education within a nurturing student centered atmosphere of full immersion in multiple culture and languages in green, clean and safe environment. The school honours the uniqueness of each student and emphasize diversity among them irrespective of their racial, cultural, religious and economic back ground and it inspires students to achieve skills in every aspects through NCERT curriculum. To focus on each child’s capability and direct them on to the right path to reach their potential and the school helps to share information and expectation in between parents and teachers for making it happen.